Hey There!
I’m Evrim İlhan and welcome to my world.
– I’m 35 years old. (ıt’s a life chance)
– currently live in Bodrum ( It’s a beautiful chance )
-I have a prince with white on horse ( It’s a super chance )
-I’m a mum to amazing boy. (It’s the greater the chance)

my favorite word in Turkish; Özgürlük (freedom)
my favorite word in English; Let the Sunshine
I belive in ”quantum”
I belive in ” love”
I belive in ”truth”
I belive in ”nature”

 style in bodrum

My photographic journey all started 20 years ago.
My first camera had given me as a gift when ı was 10 years old. I used to look forward excitedly the photos come out from studio.
I never dreamed about being a photographer when ı was waiting for ”negative”

I belive photos and cinemas are really forever.
people leave us, memories fade. But a great set of photos can & do last a lifetime and longer.
Everyone has a story to tell and photography is one of the tools.
I try to shoot a bit differently then your traditional world.
I use to help tell yours.
Lets Start!